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The buzz on the national deal websites this week was all about the new show, Extreme Couponing on TLC.  The show follows shoppers who use various couponing methods to save an incredible amount of money at the register.  One of the key techniques to saving money using coupons is to take advantage of double coupon days at your grocery store.  Luckily in Milwaukee, there are a several stores that offer the opportunity to use double coupons

Pick ‘n Save

As the dominant grocer in Milwaukee, Pick ‘n Save’s Double Coupon Daze is well known to coupon shoppers. Double Coupon Daze takes place on Wednesday and Saturday. On Double Coupon Daze at Pick ‘n Save, you can double up to five coupons (or ten coupons on Double Double Daze) after spending at least $25.  The maximum value of coupons that can be doubled is $1. Pick ‘n Save accepts internet coupons except for coupons for free items.

With the five coupon limitation, it would be impossible to turn a $1,000+ grocery bill into $100 or less as shown on Extreme Couponing.  That said, you can still save a significant amount of money by combining double coupons with sale priced items.

Sentry Foods

Sentry Foods stores are all independently owned and operated, so each store has a different coupon policy.  There are several stores in the Milwaukee area that have generous double coupon policies.  As one of our readers, Maggie recently commented, Sentry’s “prices are a little higher, but if you watch their sale ad and combine your coupons you can make out like a bandit“.

The following Sentry stores offer double coupon days:

Milwaukee Sentry (7101 W. Lisbon Ave.) - Double coupons on Tuesday and Wednesday. No limit to the number of coupons may be doubled.  Maximum face value of $1.  No more than three of the same coupon can be used.  No internet coupons accepted.

Milwaukee Sentry (9210 W. Lisbon Ave.) - Double coupons on Monday and Friday. No limit to the number of coupons may be doubled.  Maximum face value of $1.  No more than two of the same coupon can be used. No internet coupons accepted.

Metcalfe’s Market Wauwatosa Sentry (6700 W.State St.) - Double coupons on Wednesday and Saturday.  Up to ten coupons per household, per day may be doubled.  Maximum face value of $1.  No more than three of the same coupon can be used.  Internet coupons are accepted.  (This policy is ending 8/17/11, please see our post Metcalfe’s Market Wauwatosa Sentry Revised Double Coupons Policy for more information).

The Sentry stores in Bay View, Menomonee Falls, Waukesha and West Allis do not double coupons.

The key to saving money when using double coupons is to use coupons that are for the maximum acceptable face value (usually $1), and to buy items that are already on sale.  This technique can yield significant savings.  It also pays to stock up on items that are on sale that can be stored until needed.

Are you an “extreme couponer”, or do you at least do double coupons on a regular basis?  Please leave a comment and share your experiences with our other readers!


61 Comments on Extreme Couponing In Milwaukee With Double Coupons

  1. Charles H on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 12:32 PM

    The only time I shop is during double coupons at Pick and Save. I’ve yet to make it to the Double Double, but I’ll be there front and center next Saturday since it’s payday.

    Also, thank you for the information on the double coupons at the local Sentry’s. I had no idea they even did double coupons…and some have no limit to the number of doubles you can do! Wow. That’s always nice, because the one’s that are for 75 cents or 50 cents also double. And yes, I always concentrate on sale price items, with a couple that might not be sale priced but still make it a deal with $2 off after doubles. Somebody even asked me at the store if I was an ‘extreme couponer’ and mention the show that was starting. I told him no, and that it was hard to get those deals here. That’s more for the stores that do Triples and allow overages, meaning you’ll still get the money off even if the item would be less than what the doubled amount would be. I used to do that with Kohl’s Food Stores before they closed. I remember getting 22 cents back for one order. That was nuts.

  2. Polly on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 9:36 PM

    I hope shows like Extreme Couponing help turn coupon use more mainstream. Some cashiers treat you like a criminal when you play the coupon game! I hope that changes.

    I wish more Milwaukee stores did double coupons, or even triple coupons. We seem to get the shaft here in the Coupon Capitol of the US.

  3. AMBER on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 10:14 PM



  4. Greg on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 10:54 PM

    No double coupons at Sendik’s? Boooo!

  5. Chad Johnson on Sun, 10th Apr 2011 6:46 AM

    “Double Double Coupon Daze” as they have it really is no big deal. I usually divide my cart up into two orders to get ten coupons doubled. “DDCD” should mean that a $1 coupon is now worth $4. Also really hate when the in store special stickers are being pulled off the shelves before the special has expired.

  6. Dave on Sun, 10th Apr 2011 9:20 AM

    I generally save 50% or more on all of my grocery trips. The key is learning what the best price is for an item. Then you buy as much as you’ll use before you think it’ll hit that price again. If something goes bad you haven’t saved anything. Shopping the specials at several stores and using coupons are basic saving ideas. The internet is a wonderful resource for match-up ideas and coupons. I buy several copies of the weekend newspapers because I tend to buy more than one of the same item to stockpile. Internet sites generally allow you to print 2 copies of each coupon.

  7. Julie M on Mon, 11th Apr 2011 8:45 AM

    I thought the sentry on 92nd and Lisbon do not double internet coupons. I used to go there until they started doing that (they may have since changed their policy). With so many coupons on the internet, now it seems as if the majority of my coupons are from the internet.

  8. Milwaukee Consumer on Tue, 12th Apr 2011 3:19 AM

    @Julie M. - Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

    We followed up with the three Sentry stores that double coupons, and both of the stores located on Lisbon DO NOT accept internet coupons. The Tosa Sentry does accept internet coupons.

    We have updated the post with this information.

  9. Dave on Tue, 12th Apr 2011 6:20 AM

    I’ve found that internet coupons are typically a higher value than the ones in the newspaper. The problem is some stores look at you like you’re using Monopoly money.

  10. Milwaukee Consumer on Tue, 12th Apr 2011 1:34 PM

    Haha! No kidding, Dave.

  11. Crystal on Fri, 22nd Apr 2011 9:59 AM

    The Pick n Save on 6760 W. National Ave. always has the $1 sales. I moved to the area about 8 months ago I have only had to get one rain check!! It’s a great store its never as busy as the pick n save on state street. Pick n save does not take any internet coupons that are buy one get on free or free coupons. I found this out with the Powerade zero coupons.

  12. Maggie on Thu, 5th May 2011 7:15 PM

    In the month of April when PNS had double double daze (10 coupons double) I purchased a retail value of a little over $1100.00 worth of groceries for $246.00. I did that by having an average of 4 seperate orders per day. I stocked up on cereal(22 boxes), Campbell’s soups (18 cans), Gillette hair and body wash (8 bottles), laundry soap, dish soap, fruit (fresh and canned) etc….

  13. Milwaukee Consumer on Wed, 11th May 2011 3:54 PM

    Nice work Maggie!

  14. Jim on Mon, 16th May 2011 3:42 PM

    Very new to the whole coupon thing but I went to Sentry in Libson today for the first time. First off nice store I am getting super and megga out on the big guys. Also with the coupon policy’s in place I think I made out pretty good. Walked out with 6 bags of stuff. Before total was $92.53 out the door ended up being 37.02 I will be back next Monday.

  15. Charles H on Tue, 17th May 2011 10:09 PM

    Nice haul, Jim!

  16. Milwaukee Consumer on Wed, 18th May 2011 1:00 PM

    Charles is right…nice work Jim!

    Keep in mind that many extreme couponers have been doing this a long time, and know the ins and outs of using coupons. To save more than 50% on one of your first coupon shopping trips is awesome!

  17. Hello on Thu, 19th May 2011 11:35 AM

    i havent shopped at sentry in a very long time. is there a minimum requirement purchase amount at sentrys? like at pns, you have to spend $25. someone please let me know. i will be going to sentrys 🙂

  18. Milwaukee Consumer on Thu, 19th May 2011 12:48 PM

    No minimum purchase amount at Sentry. Be careful though, only one of the Sentry stores listed above accepts internet coupons.

  19. Hello on Thu, 19th May 2011 1:17 PM

    thank you very much. i will have to check out sentrys every week 🙂

  20. lisa on Thu, 19th May 2011 10:08 PM

    I am happy to see so many Sentry’s on the list. I am an “avid” couponer just outside of Milwaukee and am having similar issues to others at PNS… I do not spend 40 hours per week, or get cars full of groceries… however I do average over 85% savings on my groceries… spending just under $100 for a family of 5, including 2 toddlers, 1 in diapers and using formula… and a dog. My budget includes everything from food to formula, paper goods to diapers, cleaning supplies and personal care products…
    I’m proud of what I do and would LOVE to visit one of the local Sentry stores to get a whopping haul!
    Do any of the Sentry’s that double coupons also do price matching? I wonder if I could hit Sentry and get some GREAT deals with unlimited doubles…

  21. Milwaukee Consumer on Thu, 19th May 2011 10:15 PM

    Nice job Lisa! Couponing does involve some effort, but as you have shown…it’s worth it!

  22. Amy on Thu, 19th May 2011 10:39 PM

    Thanks for the info on the Sentry stores. I wish PNS would do double double every Saturday!

  23. Milwaukee Consumer on Thu, 19th May 2011 10:45 PM

    Amy - Have you ever tried splitting your cart into multiple orders at Pick n Save? We have never heard of anyone being denied using this technique. By doing multiple orders, you can double more than five coupons!

  24. santaallen on Fri, 20th May 2011 8:34 AM

    Great article. Santa Claus finds that if I am not careful I end up getting things that are not on my list because of coupons. So I have to watch out and make sure that the coupons I have are for the things that I really need.

  25. Milwaukee Consumer on Fri, 20th May 2011 8:59 AM

    Santa - If anyone knows, it should be you…don’t buy stuff that isn’t on your list just because it is a good deal! 🙂

  26. AmyC on Fri, 20th May 2011 11:45 AM

    Tosa Sentry will double 10 Qs per transaction, after that they fall to face value, which is useful when you have MFGQs that read: “DO NOT DOUBLE” .

    Sentry is very good about running specials in tandem with available Qs. Nearly every coupon I had was on sale. Huge Score: Hellman’s 30oz. .99 cent, Perogies .69 cents, KC Masterpiece BBQ, free, Old Orchard Juice, free. Klondike MFGQ BOGO, 10lbs for 3.49. I like that Sentry restricts quantities.. that way everyone can share in the deals.

    Here is another tip: Last weeks special (5/12-5/18) on Ragu was 2/$1.98 in-ad MFGQ, or Store sale 2/$2.98 … while that sale was still going Red Plum 5/22 had another Q for $1/2-if you hit the last day of the sale and QQ on the 18th.. you got them for .49 cents ea. Same for Smucker’s Jam lrg 1.49 ea., and Wish Bone Dressing .99 cents ea. .

  27. Milwaukee Consumer on Fri, 20th May 2011 11:48 AM

    AmyC - Have you had any luck doubling DO NOT DOUBLE manufacturer coupons at Sentry? Many stores will still double them, even if they say DO NOT DOUBLE on them.

  28. AmyC on Fri, 20th May 2011 11:55 AM

    The best deals for Health & Beauty products are at Target, CVS or Walgreen’s. However, Walgreen has stocking issues and their cash back register rewards expire sooner than CVS Extra bucks program. Target gives out gift cards.

    I do not shop Walmart, but they actually apply overages to your other purchases or give back the cash.

  29. Coupon Queen on Fri, 20th May 2011 12:27 PM

    Can anyone tell me what the best websites are to find internet coupons?

  30. Milwaukee Consumer on Fri, 20th May 2011 2:02 PM

    Coupon Queen - We like Coupons.com, Redplum.com and Catelina’s Coupon Network.

    Facebook pages for the brands you like are also good resources for printable coupons.

  31. AmyC on Fri, 20th May 2011 4:20 PM

    Coupon Queen. I find really good Qs on the manufacturer’s website.

    Gold’ n Plump $1.00; Klondike BOGO; Mrs. T’s Perogies$1.00; Hormel always tender;$1.00 ; TUMS $1.00 matched to Targets $1.00 you will get an .08 overage, or free. Oscar Mayer, Duncan Hines, Johnsonville, etc…

    Just Google your favorite brands and check their website.

  32. AmyC on Sun, 22nd May 2011 7:50 AM

    I have: Gold’n Plump $1.00. The in store sale was 2/$5.00 less 2 QQs= .50 cents a package.

    They way most Sentry clerks handle it is if they double they double.. if they do not they do not. I have only ever had one not double when it should have… That I am aware of- some clerks will override. What happened there, was really weird: the first Hellman’s QQ, the second, bonused, but didn’t vendor??? I guess that just the nature of the beast. And, not all clerks know the in-and-outs of Q-ing.

    Which is why I will stand in a long line if the checker is also a customer service rep. A.)They know their Q policy. B). Are smarter than the register. C.) Happier, or at least do not get upset with split transactions.

  33. jennie on Tue, 7th Jun 2011 12:01 AM

    the pick n save on 67th and national in wst allis is have two days in the month of june where you can double ten coupons and the days are wednesday june8th and saturday june 25th.I asked the store manager because at that point it was unadvertised and a secret.Tee hee

  34. Milwaukee Consumer on Tue, 7th Jun 2011 9:51 AM

    Thanks for sharing Jennie! The Pick ‘n Save Double Double Daze promotion is available at all Pick ‘n Save stores on June 8th and 25th!

  35. jennie on Tue, 7th Jun 2011 11:34 AM

    It is what it is.I just went by what the manager told me and i thought i would share it with the board but since u no it all i guess the cats out the bag now

  36. JZ on Tue, 7th Jun 2011 10:25 PM

    Don’t stop at Pick N Save….try Walgreens and CVS the combo of store coupons and manufacturers coupons and rewards that print are amazing! Pick N Save double days say only til July so we need to find alternate locations for maximum savings. I saved $121 dollars at Walgreens on Sunday spent $26 bucks and got $18 in walgreens rewards. Body washes, deodorants, razors and razors blades and even some food items…one pack of razor blades was $11.99. Check websites for Walgreens coupon policies so you understand the rules and cash in!!!

  37. jennie on Thu, 9th Jun 2011 2:19 PM

    Thanx JZ.This is true and ive definately gotten some awesome deals at walgreend with both store and manufacturer coupons.It sucks that pick n save is only doing this until next month.Groceries are so darn expensive nowadays.With these coupons i used at pick n save i was able to donate over 50lbs of food to local hunger task force and it cost me literally nothing.I see u did excellent at walgreens.Any more tips are helpful.

  38. Sandy on Thu, 16th Jun 2011 11:25 PM

    JZ and jenni dont worry just yet about Pick N Save stopping their double coupons. They did the same thing last year and then they kept going even after July.

  39. ToniD on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 8:12 PM

    My husband and I also shop at the Sentry on State Street in Wauwatosa. We met their the other day and had our own seperate carts and coupons. We were talking before he checked out, and a manager verbally attacked us saying that the signs clearly states that there is a max of 10 coupons (to double) per FAMILY. She wouldn’t stop, then she asked my husband how many coupons he was using, and he said 3. Then she charged at me saying that I can only use 7, and repeated what she said was on the sign. It was unbelieveable! Even the cashier was taken off guard!

    There are a few problems with what happened:
    1. HORRIBLE customer service
    2. We didn’t even have 10 coupons to double (total between the both of us was 9)
    3. The sign posted in the store states 10 coupons PER PERSON, not per FAMILY

    We contacted the store to complain, and a we received a response saying that they would have the President and Store Manager call us…….to date (over a week) we have not heard a word from them.

    Does anyone know about this PER FAMILY rule?? We have NEVER had a problem like this before….

    Also, they told us that they were discontinuing double couponing at the end of June. Does anyone know if this is true?

  40. joanne on Tue, 21st Jun 2011 8:11 AM

    ToniD, I was there with my husband on saturday the 18th and the same thing happened to us! A rude older woman front end supervisor ( short grey hair) was on the attack asking how many of the same ice cream I was buying and that the maximum I could by was 3, ” per person per day” and that I was “welcome to come back on Wed and shop.” This was COMPLETELY ridiculous, I saw no policy indicating that it was per day or per family! The cashier was a young girl, I hadn’t heard about the “3 like item coupon rule” before and asked her about it and she said “she just knows it” and that it was “posted on the inside of their office door” ridiculous! I hate to shop at the other Sentrys on Lisbon as they are not as well stocked with lesser quality deli, produce, and meat departments as well as no liquor department. If this happens again I will completely abandon them.

  41. ToniD on Tue, 21st Jun 2011 9:04 AM

    Joanne, the way you describe the woman, I believe it is the same person! She is SO rude and unprofessional! I have heard about the 3 like coupons maximum, but again I have not heard about the per FAMILY rule. You should call and complain also. The only way that customer service will get better is if mangement is aware of it. (Even if they don’t respond, like they did to us). We feel the same way about the other Sentrys, so we might just end up going back to Pick n Save and Woodmans. Sentry on State is going to lose a lot of business treating their loyal customers this way!

  42. joanne on Tue, 21st Jun 2011 11:12 AM

    I sent metcalfe in wauwatosa a message and they responded by saying:

    “Joanne, Thank you for bringing this customer service issue to our attention. We apologize for the manner in which this was handled, as superior Customer Service is important to us as a company. We plan to discuss our Double Coupon Policy tomorrow as a team and will clearly publish all/any changes to our policy following that meeting.”

    Great. I bet this means that the policy is going to get more strict. We complain to them and now they may make the policy more specific and harder to get good deals. We’ll have to see what happens, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it changed for the worse and not for the better.

  43. ToniD on Tue, 21st Jun 2011 12:30 PM

    That is awful. So instead of responding with a customer friendly response, they are ‘punishing’ the loyal customers by making things more strict? Nice.

    I just called the store and spoke to a girl named Jenny. Very nice. She said that there is a maximum of 10 coupons that will double with a maximum of 3 like item coupons.

    Lets see what happens!

  44. joanne on Fri, 24th Jun 2011 3:58 AM

    Here’s what metcalfe posted on fb:

    “Metcalfe’s Double Coupon Policy will change effective August 1, 2011. Please reference our website at that time for our new policy (under Stores & Hours). Thank you, Joanne.”

    I wish I knew what they were changing their policy to. I guess I’ll just have to wait until August. Better stock up on good deals before the rules change.

  45. Milwaukee Consumer on Sun, 26th Jun 2011 11:02 AM

    Joanne - thank you for your comment. We talked to the folks at the Tosa Sentry and they told us that the “coupon policy is not changing at this time”.

    We’ll keep an eye on the situation and will let our readers know if it changes!

  46. JennyG on Sat, 2nd Jul 2011 1:12 PM

    Thanks Milwaukee Consumer!!! I do know most of the short cuts to savings and live for DCD at my local PNS. The one in Caledonia is always very good about me splitting orders to double more. It’s best to go to the younger cashiers as the older women tend to seem more annoyed. They do it but occasionally I sense some irritation especially when it’s busy. I try to go early so I’m not holding up people. I checked the site and saw all the PNS deals posted. I already had most deals down to buy but appreciated them listed. The Deans 4/$5 with 2 coupons from their site for $1 off that doubles made each carton $.25 each. AWESOME! thanks for looking out!!! Can’t wait to check back next week!

  47. JennyG on Sat, 2nd Jul 2011 1:17 PM

    Oh and the 3/$18 Dove soap bar 6-pk….I had 2 coupons for $4.00 off a pack of Men’s Care bars then $.75 (would double) off the regular 6-pk. That’s $9.50 off the $18.00 means it’s only 8.50. They retail for $8.99 EACH!!! Even better, when you check out you get a $5.00 coupon off your next purchase. That’s $3.50 for $27 worth of good soap. Check it out people if you have the right coupons!

    And the Heluva dip is 10/$10 but we all know we don’t have to have 10. With the $.75 off coupon doubled you’ll make $.50 on each carton. Sweet!

    Anyone had any luck at Woodmans? I won’t go back every since some chick told me they don’t take counterfeit coupons. I gave her a $1.00 off 2 Palermos pizza coupons from the website. We argued and I reminded her counterfeit meant I made a fake. She was crazy and rude. I won’t go back there (in Oak Creek).

  48. ckv on Mon, 4th Jul 2011 11:33 PM

    Does anyone know of a local milwaukee website where you can buy coupons? Instead of spending $2 on newspaper for all coupons. I would rather buy coupons for a specific item I want only. I just started couponing.

  49. Crystal on Mon, 4th Jul 2011 11:42 PM

    You can buy the sunday paper at the doller store that does help. Also ebay is a great place to buy coupons.I have been doing that for almost a year and its been great. I know buy and sell on ebay. There are coupon clipping services. I have never got coupons from there but I know people you have and are very happy with it. You just have to watch how much you are spending on these coupon sites otherwise you might as well pay full price. Hope this helps:) Good luck!!

  50. ckv on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 12:02 AM

    how much does it cost for the sunday newspaper at the dollar store? Dollar? If so, I will go there to buy some. I just ordered from the coupon clipper and not sure how fast they ship but I paid for priority so I hope it will come w/in this week for the sale I want. Thanks.

  51. Crystal on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 1:52 AM

    The sunday paper is a $1.00 at the dollar tree. One week I got 20 papers becaue there was a target coupon for $10 gift for every transfer prescribion. It was $20. Make sure you are still coming ahead even after you buy coupons. This is the treaty thing when it comes to couponing. Ask family and friends to give you coupons out of their sunday paper you will be surprise how many people dont use them! 🙂

  52. Crystal on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 1:56 AM

    Oh yeah always check the internet for printable coupons its a gold mine. coupons.com is the most popular one:) If you need a certain coupon google it you might find it!

  53. Crystal on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 2:15 AM

    Also check the store for the stores coupons. For example if you are going to target and you have a coupon for huggies check the site for coupons most stores will let you use their store coupons plus the manufactor coupons. I just bought a pack of huggies swimmers today for my daughter. I had a $1.50 off target coupon plus a $1.00 coupon I printed from the internet. I ended up getting the huggies swimmers for almost $8.00 when they were $10.00 starting out. It took me 2 mins to find the huggies coupon.

  54. Joelle on Thu, 7th Jul 2011 1:00 PM

    I get RP inserts every week in the mail but can never get SS ones unless I wait till Sunday and buy the paper.

    Does anyone have access to largeish amounts of SS inserts they would be willing to trade for RP or P&G ones?



  55. joanne on Mon, 1st Aug 2011 9:41 AM

    Today’s August 1st and that means Metcalfe’s Sentry is supposed to have a new coupon policy. Does anyone know that is? If not, I’ll have to call them to find out.

  56. Milwaukee Consumer on Mon, 1st Aug 2011 10:17 AM

    Joanne - details of the new coupon policy at the Tosa Sentry can be found here.

  57. MinnesotaMom on Mon, 5th Sep 2011 2:33 AM

    I have found there are ways of bending the rules without breaking them. Like when they say you can only double 5 manf coupons…but don’t limit the amount of transactions, you have to make sure to hit the $25 minimum. I have found there is always an item that hits the void between the items you are getting for free, other items you can buy that are on sale with coupons that are over $2 or are Do Not Doubles. Also, you can always add money on a gift card to make up to the $25 then use it to pay for another transaction. 🙂

  58. J on Fri, 9th Sep 2011 10:29 AM

    I would LOVE to be able to save a lot using coupons however I rarely ever see coupons for produce like veggies and fruit. I can’t seem to find many coupons for the products I buy. I also hate the buy 2 to get .25 off - I’m one person - I don’t NEED 2 of something - especially if its something that will not store well.

  59. Raymond on Tue, 10th Jan 2012 9:04 AM

    Piggly Wiggly every couple of weeks has a Double coupon in their Ad that you can use for an entire week.

  60. chris on Tue, 14th Feb 2012 2:51 AM

    now pick n save is saying they will only allow 5 double coupons . it used to be 10 . im getting so frustrated . Then piggly wiggly used to have it all week, now they only allowing double coupons Sunday, monday, and tuesdays. im trying so hard to save and they making it harder and hareder for me to do so.

  61. richard on Sun, 17th Mar 2013 10:29 AM

    only in the great wisconsin could this go on ,bend over!

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