Double Double Coupons at Pick ‘n Save on Saturday

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Pick ‘n Save is offering Double Double Daze this Saturday, April 2nd.  Instead of doubling five coupons, you can double up to ten coupons!  Only coupons up to $1 can be doubled, and your order needs to total at least $25 prior to the coupons being applied. 

The only official notification of this special appeared in an ad in Thursday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  We talked to a customer service manager at the Hales Corners Pick ‘n Save and she mentioned that there is a rumor that Double Double Daze would be repeated every Saturday in April, however this hasn’t been announced yet. Stay tuned!

We usually post a Pick ‘n Save coupon matchup every Friday from Rose Knows Coupons.   We gave Rose the week off . ;)  You can find an alternative matchup on Pocket Your Dollars.

Thanks to Milwaukee Consumer reader Renee for the tip on Double Double Coupon Daze!


8 Comments on Double Double Coupons at Pick ‘n Save on Saturday

  1. Charles H on Sat, 2nd Apr 2011 1:55 AM
  2. The rumor is mostly true. Double Double Coupons will be almost every saturday in April. There was a sign in the window at the Pt Washington Rd location near Nicolet that said that Double Doubles would be every Saturday between April 2nd and April 23rd.

  3. Milwaukee Consumer on Sat, 2nd Apr 2011 1:27 PM
  4. Great to hear Charles! The Hales Corners Pick ‘n Save had no such sign on Friday.

  5. Jessi on Tue, 5th Apr 2011 10:37 AM
  6. Was true in West Bend. Too bad they are out of everything on sale and everything you have a coupon for from the weekly ads becasue of the coupon deal. :(

  7. maggie on Thu, 7th Apr 2011 9:09 AM
  8. Sentry on Wauwatosa has 10 double coupons every Wednesday and Saturday with no minimum purchase required. Their prices are a little higher, but if you watch their sale ad and combine your coupons you can make out like a bandit.

  9. maggie on Thu, 7th Apr 2011 9:11 AM
  10. The Sentry in Wauwatosa is on 67th (or so) and State. Last week I got 3 boxes of cereal, cheese yogurt, cleaning items, and baking needs for $4.70.

  11. Deanna on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 2:47 PM
  12. Thank you for letting me know about Sentry’s double coupon opportunity! I miss the double couponing at 92nd and Lisbon.

  13. Heather on Sat, 9th Apr 2011 6:16 PM
  14. I almost always only shop on Double coupon days. I really love Double double. I pair my coupons with the sales and save big. Last week I spent 129 and saved 127. With Pick N Save you have to get to $25 and then can only double 5 coupons, so I split my orders. I have great cashiers and managers at the store I shop at. They all know me and they like when I come in. My best shop was on a double double day, I spent 90 and saved 150.

  15. PurpleBears on Sun, 1st May 2011 12:35 AM
  16. I love the double double daze. I purchased $149.70 worth of merchandise and they PAID ME $1.87 after coupons. I thought the gal behind me at the check out was going to blow a gasket when she heard that they paid me to take out a cart of groceries. LOL!!!

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