Deal or No Deal: Southridge Mall Black Friday VIP Package

November 14, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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If you subscribe to the LivingSocial email list, you may have seen the offer for a VIP package at Southridge on Black Friday.  For $10 (regular price - $20), you are guaranteed a close parking spot at Southridge on Black Friday.  VIPs also receive access to a VIP lounge.  This offer is valid through midnight tonight.

Is paying for these perks worth it? 

VIP Parking

VIPs will receive all day in and out access to a reserved parking area near the southeast entrance to the mall. At first glance, the thought of having to pay to park at Southridge seems ridiculous.  On the other hand, finding a parking spot at a major mall like Southridge on Black Friday can be highly aggravating.  If easy in and out access to the VIP parking area eliminates this stress, perhaps it might be worth it. 

VIP Lounge

Also included in the VIP Package is access to the VIP lounge.  The VIP lounge will offer shoppers repose from the Black Friday insanity by offering refreshments and a place to relax throughout the day.  The purchase of the VIP package allows for two people to enter the VIP lounge throughout the day.

Deal or No Deal?

My verdict:  No Deal.  I prefer to save my $10 to spend in the stores. 

If being a VIP got me early access to stores, or a pass to the front of the line, then I would certainly be interested.  Although a VIP parking space sounds appealing, I usually get to the stores early enough to find a decent place to park.

For me, Black Friday is all about getting in and out of the stores I am targeting as quickly as possible.  Once I am done at a store, I am on to the next store.  There is no time to relax and enjoy refreshments.  Therefore, the VIP lounge doesn’t offer me much value on Black Friday.

What do you think?  Would you pay $10 for this VIP shopping experience? Please leave a comment and let us know!