3 Articles to Help You Save Money on Your Cable Bill

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While out to dinner with a few friends last week, the topic of cable bills came up.  In our group of four, there were two of us that didn’t have cable and two that did.  The two who did have cable were lamenting about how expensive their bills are.  I was proud to share that I haven’t had cable for over ten years and probably saved at least $4,800 in the process.  Our family doesn’t watch much television and when we do it seems like we can always find something on network television or Netflix.

The concerns my friends had with the cost of their cable service made me think of some posts that I have seen on the Internet about ways to negotiate a cable bill and save a bundle of money.  I went back and searched for what I thought were the most helpful articles on how to negotiate with a cable/satellite company in order to save money or get more services.  Here are three articles that I thought could help you save some of your hard earned money:

How to Negotiate Your Phone and Cable Bill and Save Thousands of Dollars by Erica Douglass (Erica.biz).

How I Cut My Comcast Cable Bill by 33% (Without Losing Any Service) by G.E. Miller (Get Rich Slowly).

Tips for Cutting Your Cable Bill by Jennifer Saranow Schultz (New York Times).

One last tip - if you need some convincing about this negotiation strategy, browse through the comments in the above articles.  There are a lot of inspiring success stories that people have shared.  Good luck!