Make Your Budget More Predictable with We Energies Budget Billing

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we energies budget billingI am always looking for opportunities to make my monthly budget more predictable. Recurring monthly expenses like car payments and cell phone bills are easy to anticipate, however variable expenses like energy bills can be difficult to plan for.

I enrolled in the We Energies Budget Billing program a couple of years ago and appreciate knowing in advance what my bill is going to be each month.

If you are like me and prefer your monthly expenses to be more predictable, the We Energies Budget Billing program might interest you.

How We Energies Budget Billing Works

Once a customer enrolls in the Budget Billing Program, an analysis is done of past energy bills and an average monthly payment is calculated. For the first six months under the program, the customer is charged a repeating monthly payment based on the initial analysis. In addition to seeing the monthly payment due on the bill, customers will see the actual energy they have used and the actual charges. The difference between the monthly payment and the actual charge is tracked as a settlement balance.

At the end of the initial six months, another review is done. If energy use is not in line with the prior six months of billing then an adjustment is made to the monthly payment due.

At the end of the twelve month period the customer’s account is reviewed again.  If an adjustment is necessary, a settlement balance will automatically be added or subtracted to the bill in the twelfth month. Or you can elect to have the settlement balance included in the next year’s monthly budget bill amount. In the long run, customers will always pay for their actual energy usage.

We Energies recommends that customers track the settlement balance on each bill.  This will avoid any surprises during the seventh or twelfth months of the billing cycle.

To review the terms and conditions and information how to enroll, visit the We Energies Budget Billing webpage.

My Struggles With Budget Billing

As I mentioned before, I like the predictability of knowing what my energy bill is going to be every month.

When I first enrolled in the budget billing program I also elected not to receive bills in the mail. Opening one less bill in the mail makes life a little more pleasant! I initially struggled with not having a paper bill, as I would use my bill as an indicator for how much electricity and natural gas I was using each month. I wasn’t making any big decisions from that information, but it was nice to have a general idea if I was using more energy and needed to consider making some energy-saving changes.

Now I don’t pay as much attention to my monthly usage but when I am curious about my energy consumption, I’ll just log in to the We Energies website and use the tools they have to analyze my energy bill.

What Do You Think of Budget Billing?

Do you use We Energies Budget Billing?  Why or why not?  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the program.