$8 for $16 of Gourmet Grilled Cheese at Melthouse Bistro

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GoGeddit is offering $16 worth of food and beverage for $8 at Melthouse Bistro on the East Side.  Melthouse Bistro specializes in gourmet grilled cheese creations, and is located at 1857 E. Kenilworth Place, just west of N. Farwell Ave.

I had lunch at Melthouse Bistro recently and it was excellent. A restaurant specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches is a great idea. (I wonder why this concept hasn’t been done before?) Their menu features 19 different grilled cheese choices plus a handful of soups and salads. Prices range from $7-$9 for most menu items.  The $16 certificate should cover the majority of the cost for a meal for two. 

I ordered the Baconmoto sandwich, which adds bacon and tomato to a classic Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar grilled cheese. How can you go wrong with bacon on a grilled cheese sandwich? My sandwich cost $7.95 and came with a choice of sides - grapes, apples, chips, or their signature cole slaw. You can also upgrade to a cup for soup for a buck.  I chose the cole slaw, which was decent, but not as good as the sandwich.  Next time I think I will try one of their soups as my side item. 

The Melthouse Bistro offer from GoGeddit is available for purchase for the next several days. 


2 Comments on $8 for $16 of Gourmet Grilled Cheese at Melthouse Bistro

  1. Farrah Frievalt on Wed, 14th Mar 2012 11:44 AM

    This concept has been done before in the Milwaukee area, but it failed. The Cheesy Grill was located in the strip mall in front of Menards on Miller Park Way. It closed in 2009. I miss it, and I’m glad to learn there’s a new grilled cheese sandwich on the block.

  2. Milwaukee Consumer on Wed, 14th Mar 2012 3:11 PM

    Farrah, I had never heard of The Cheesy Grill. Give Melthouse Bistro a try. The sandwich I had was really good. 🙂

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