Milwaukee Energy Efficiency Program

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Thomas Content, who covers the Energy industry for JSOnline, recently wrote an interesting article  about the announcement of the Milwaukee Energy Efficiency Program, which is referred to as Me2.

Here’s how the program works.  A homeowner can contact a Me2 Advocate, who will set up an energy evaluation for their home.  The homeowner will be charged a fee, but it will be subsidized by the Me2 program.  If the homeowner implements the top three suggestions from the energy evaluation, the cost of the evaluation can be rebated.  The improvements must be made by a contractor that is approved by the Me2 program.  

The Me2 program also helps homeowners take out loans to improve the energy efficiency of their home.  The homeowner then uses the savings on their energy bills to pay off the loan.  The goal of the program is to help 4,000 homeowners reduce their utility bills.

According to the Me2 website, the program is designed to help homeowners that fall into certain income groups.  The Me2 website does not specify the income criteria that is necessary to participate in the program.  However, if you do not meet the criteria you can also check the Focus on Energy website to learn more about other energy efficiency programs such as Targeted Home Performance with Energy Star.

If you are interested in learning more about the Me2 program, check out the Milwaukee Energy Efficiency program website.