Purchased a CD From Amazon? Get Free MP3 Files from Amazon AutoRip

January 10, 2013 by
Filed under: Shopping 

Amazon has launched a new program which offers a great benefit for everyone who still likes to purchase physical CDs. Amazon AutoRip allows users to receive a free MP3 version of any eligible CD purchase!

The best news? Amazon is making this retroactive to include purchases dating back to 1998!

I just checked my Amazon account and there were over 200 new songs in my Amazon Cloud Player library. Score! Some of the albums were ones that I had purchased to give as gifts.  A gift given has become a gift received. (Gifts that were shipped directly to the recipeient are not eligible).

There are currently 50,000 eligible albums in the Amazon library. If you’ve purchased a CD from Amazon at some point in the past, it is very likely that you have a free MP3 download of that CD waiting for you in your Amazon Cloud Player.

For more details on this new program (including instructional videos on how this works), check out the Amazon AutoRip website.


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