Tree-Ripe Citrus Cancels Remaining 2012-13 Citrus Season

January 14, 2013 by
Filed under: Grocery 

After my great experience purchasing Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries from Tree-Ripe Citrus this summer, I was excited to buy some of their Florida citrus products this winter. Unfortunately Tree-Ripe recently announced that they have had to cancel the remaining citrus pick-up dates this season.

According to the Tree-Ripe Citrus website, the Florida citrus crop has been decimated by a disease called “greening”. The disease has killed most Tree-Ripe’s supply of oranges and grapefruit and eventually may permanently eliminate the Florida citrus crop.

Tree-Ripe is still trying to obtain citrus crop for mail delivery, however the sales truck visits are cancelled for this season.

Tree-Ripe will start making deliveries of peaches and blueberries in June.


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