$20 for Unlimited Summerfest Weekday Admission Plus Free Parking!

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summerfestSummerfest has announced a new admission pass for 2013 that is the best deal that I have ever seen on a multi-day pass.

For $20, Summerfest attendees can buy a Weekday Value Pass which offers free admission every single weekday of the festival. Oh yeah…it also includes FREE PARKING! The total value of this pass is $210.

Of course there is some fine print to the offer. Free admission with the pass is available between noon and 4 p.m. Tuesday - Friday (the festival is closed on Monday). Free parking is available between noon and 1 p.m. on the same days.

If only going to Summerfest during the week isn’t your style, they also have an 11-day Summerfest Power Pass which gives pass-holders free admission every day of the festival. The Power Pass costs $60 ($187 value) and is available for purchase at Pick ‘n Save stores through May 31.

Summerfest runs June 26 - July 7 and is closed on July 1. For more information on these passes, visit the Summerfest website.


One Comment on $20 for Unlimited Summerfest Weekday Admission Plus Free Parking!

  1. Debi Simon on Mon, 15th Apr 2013 1:54 PM

    I went to the Summerfest site and it would not process my order. I would put in the number of $20 tickets I wanted, as well as 2 Senior tickets - at that point it just closes the window and takes you back to the face page.

    I called in to the number listed for HELP and was put on LONG hold TWICE!! The guy I was talking with didn’t have a CLUE what the problem might be (he thought I said I wanted to order 20 tickets….????? I was trying to order the $20 tickets!!!).

    He’s like “uhhhh, well….I don’t know…..” Then, I ask “Well, how can I order these tickets?” - GUESS WHAT - got put BACK on HOLD!!!

    What the hell??? This is SUMMERFEST!! Shouldn’t there be more professional - and knowledgeable people answering the phones??????

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