We Energies Natural Gas Furnace and Boiler Rebate Program

October 12 by
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Is  your natural gas furnace or boiler more than 10 years old?  If so, We Energies recommends that you consider having a professional inspect it because it might be the right time to consider buying a more energy-efficient furnace or boiler.  Both Focus on Energy and We Energies are offering cash-back reward programs for qualifying natural gas furnaces and boilers.

For example, a family who purchases a natural gas furnace 95%+ AFUE with ECM will receive $275 from Focus on Energy and $100 from We Energies.  The incentives are even higher for income-eligible residential customers who qualify for the Home Heating Assistance program.

For complete information on the rebate and cash-back reward programs, visit the We Energies website.


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