Focus on Energy Appliance Recycling Program

June 20 by
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Looking for an inexpensive way to get rid of an old refrigerator or freezer in your home?  Maybe it’s time to replace your appliance (refrigerators built before 1993 can use two to three times as much energy as newer, high-efficiency models).  Or perhaps you keep an old refrigerator in your garage or basement and you don’t have a need for it anymore.  Whatever your situation is, take a look at the Focus on Energy Appliance Recycling Program.  According to Focus on Energy, recycling one of these appliances could save you roughly $150 a year on your energy bills!

If you’re a customer of a participating electric utility (yes, We Energies participates), Focus on Energy will remove the refrigerator or freezer and you’ll get a $30 cash back reward!  How easy is that?

Refrigerators and freezers must be in working condition.  If you have a non-working appliance, you’ll need to contact your current waste and recycling hauler to arrange pick up (and you’ll probably have to pay a fee).  For more details, visit the Focus on Energy website.


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