Deal or No Deal: Taking the Bus to Summerfest

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A major consideration when going to Summerfest is transportation.  Driving your own vehicle offers the most flexibility, but it can be very expensive to park in the area surrounding the Summerfest grounds.  Parking in one of the official Summerfest lots will cost you $20.  There is limited parking in these lots, and if you don’t purchase parking in advance there may not be a spot for you when you arrive.  Parking is available at many other lots in the area.  Pricing varies by location and day, but typically will cost $10-$15 (or more) within a few blocks of Summerfest.  Free street parking is available, however it can be very difficult to find.  If you don’t mind walking, you can sometimes find a free spot on the east side of downtown. 

Bus Transportation to Summerfest

The Milwaukee County Transit System offers a convenient method of transportation to Summerfest.  Buses depart from 10 Milwaukee area Park & Ride lots and drop you off right at the gate.  At $6.50 per person, riding the bus to Summerfest isn’t cheap, but is it worth it?

For the convenience sake, we say yes! You might be able to save money by carpooling with several people, however in our opinion the cost of taking the bus beats the hassle of driving, finding a place to park, and then walking to Summerfest.

For more information about bus transportation to Summerfest, including information on the Ozaukee County Express service, visit the Milwaukee County Transit System website.  Coach USA offers roundtrip Summerfest bus service from Waukesha County for $10.  For more information, visit the Coach USA website

How do you get to Summerfest?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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2 Comments on Deal or No Deal: Taking the Bus to Summerfest

  1. Steve on Fri, 1st Jul 2011 4:02 PM
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with the Summerfest bus. There have been times that I go to the park-n-ride and it is full. Or the bus is full and I need to wait a long time for another bus. The bus is always packed on the way home too.

    You can’t beat the convenience of being dropped off at the gate though. I seem to forget how much I hate the bus every year and take it again. LOL!

  3. Craig on Sat, 2nd Jul 2011 6:13 AM
  4. Forget the bus, $13 for a couple just to get down there, ridiculous! Take a bar shuttle. For the price of a beer or two you get the same service and cheaper beer that you can take on the shuttle.
    Its always nice to know that public transportation will screw the people in the suburbs who pay the majority of taxes that support it the rest of the year.

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