New Arby’s $1 Menu

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Arby’s has followed McDonald’s and Burger King by introducing their own dollar menu.   The following items are part of the Arby’s $1 Value Menu:

  • Jr. Chicken Sandwich
  • Jr. Ham & Cheddar Melt
  • Jr. Roast Beef
  • Value Drink
  • Value Shake
  • Value Fries
  • Apple or Cherry Turnover

Some cheapskates have been known to buy a kids meal to save money.  Choosing 3 items (sandwich, fries, and drink) from the $1 menu is actually cheaper than purchasing the kids meal (although you’ll miss out on the toy).  The advertisements that Arby’s has been running recently indicate that the dollar menu is a limited time promotion.

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Free Arby’s Roastburger & Other Menu Items

March 27, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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flickr-puroticoricoWe have more coupons available for free items at Arby’s.  This time around it is coupons for a free Arby’s Roastburger with the purchase of a soda and fries, and a free Arby’s Roast Chicken Club with the purchase of a soda and fries.  There are also a couple of coupons for a free Fruitea with the purchase of a sandwich, and a free Chocolate Malt Shake with the purchase of a Roastburger.  The coupons are valid through March 31, 2009 and can be accessed on the Arby’s website.

One of the interesting things about running a website like this is seeing where traffic comes from and how people find us.  A couple of weeks ago we did another post with a coupon for a free Arby’s Roastburger.  A reader of our blog made a comment about how she didn’t like the Arby’s commercial for the Roastburger, where the Arby’s employee rubs a greasy hamburger through his hair.  Since that comment, we have received several visits from people who were searching for “Arby’s commercial with guy rubbing hamburger in hair”.  Apparently that commercial has struck a nerve with some people.

Coupon For Free Arby’s Roast Burger

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flickr-puroticoricoIf you have seen the ads for the new Arby’s Roast Burger and want to try one out, click here for a coupon for a free sandwich. The coupon expires on March 14th, and you need to purchase a drink in order to get the free sandwich. 

Arby’s bills the new Roast Burger as a better alternative to a regular hamburger, because it isn’t fried or greasy.  Give it a try and see if their claims are right!